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Outcome-Based Education philosophy has been adopted in King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi to enhance the traditional education method.

For those who use LEB2 will be familiar with the Outcome-Based Education (OBE) that is a platform for learning design under the Constructive Alignment concept which contains:

  1. Objective and Course Learning Outcomes

  2. Assessment Method

  3. Teaching and Learning Approaches


OBEM stands for the Outcome-Based Module. It is a principle that emphasizes measuring students' outcomes more specifically. OBEM focuses on One Learning Outcome.

How is OBEM good for the student ?

  1. Learning method; the student will learn each module and be noticed the result of each of them before the semester ends (Pass/Not pass in each module). 
  2. Continuous learning; if they don't pass the module, they can still learn continuously via LEB2 or other learning platforms that their teacher provides until they pass. 
  3. One-time enrollment; the student will learn each module until they pass. If they don't pass, they can still continue learning and re-taking the examination. 

    The examination schedules and regulations are set up according to each department's policy.

  4. Grading by weighting; the result will be graded by weighting of the Learning Outcome from each completed module. 



Any inquires on OBEM and Avatar systems, contact this channel >> Microsoft Teams

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