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LEB2 LEB2 is an education platform for online learning and teaching that was developed and used only at King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT). If external staff or external organization wants to use this platform, they are required to get the account and e-mail of KMUTT for accessing LEB2. To get the KMUTT account/e-mail, please follow these steps:

  1. Write a memorandum (if you want to get the account for a few people, the memorandum isn't required) and download the template to fill out the requirement. (click File and Download) 
  2. Download The form for using KMUTT VPN and WiFi temporarily for external staff and fill out the required information

After you have completed all requests mentioned above, send them to KMUTT Computer Center's e-mail address: csupport@kmutt.ac.th

Then, your account and KMUTT e-mail will be created by the Computer Center. After you have received the response e-mail, please prepare these information for LEB2 team to create your LEB2 account: 

  • First name (Thai)
  • Surname (Thai)
  • First name (English)
  • Surname (English)
  • Original e-mail
  • Username
  • KMUTT e-mail

The coordinator can contact LEB2 team via any online channels at their convenience.

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