You can clone lesson plan from one to another, if you want to use Learning Outcomes, Assessment Activity, and Learning Activity  (eg, from group 1 to group 2) by cloning the lesson plan feature. It will clone " all learning outcomes and all activities " into another class. After copying, you can recheck and set new date (Start date - End date) to the destination class (In case of different day-to-day classes), Cloning the lesson plan can be done as follows:
[[1.]] Click Setting button at the class you want to copy.
[[2.]] Click Clone Plan

[[3.]] The system will display Destination Classrooms window ,then check Mark on the destination classroom (If the class is already existing, the system warns that "Classroom data is available" to avoid mis-copying class).
[[4.]] Click Clone button. 

Note: Do Not Panic ! If you copy the wrong class because it only merges the data. The old data in the class is still available, you can remove it by yourself.